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Podcrypt: An Easier Way To Listen To Podcast With Jordan Last

Warren Whitlock

Oct 11 2019

A lot of people listen to podcasts because they want to learn something and be entertained along the way. Software developer Jordan Last presents Podcrypt app, a progressive web app that serves as a way for podcast listeners to appreciate and enjoy podcasts with ease. Jordan also explains some information on the app that allows you to optionally donate back to podcasts. Learn more about podcasting and how you can capture a lot of value for yourself and others.

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Distributed Conversations takes on the future with a perspective that the results of technology revolutions are more significant than we are aware of and that progress must accelerate as these factors combine and eliminate friction in everything we do. The only thing between us an abundant future is the friction of existing systems and our ability to embrace change. Guests of the podcast include innovators in blockchain, machine learning, 5g connections along with tech startups in fintech, business processes, healthcare and beyond. About Warren Whitlock

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